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Iterative Tree Traversal

By memorizing a simple implementation of iterative tree traversal we simplify a large number of programming interview questions.

An aerial view of a forest.

How to Recover a Bitcoin Passphrase

How I recovered a Bitcoin passphrase by performing a Breadth-First search on typos of increasing Damerau-Levenshtein distances from an initial guess.

How to Recover a Bitcoin Passphrase

Some Lazy Fun with Streams

Update:fellow algorithms researcherFrancisco Claude [] just posteda great article about using lazy evaluation to solve Tic Tac Toe games in Common Lisp []. Niki [](my brother) also wrote a post using generators with asynchronous prefetching to hide

Au Naturale: an Introduction to NLTK

This blog post is an introduction on how to make a key phrase extractor in Python, using the Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) []. But how will a search engine know what it is about? How will this document be indexed correctly? A human can read it and

How to Win Friends and Generate People

I’m doing a project for a subject at RMIT which needs to manage thousands of patient records for a hospital. We haven’t been given any sample data though, so I wanted to write a generator (so we can test it with small or large data sets whenever needed)