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Programming Interview Course

I offer a cohort-based course that teaches an efficient way to prepare for programming interviews using the 80/20 rule to create a core set of practice questions, sequence them in a way that gets you the most benefit as quickly as possible, and use spaced repetition to speed practice up and ensure you don't forget what you have learned. Sign up for the mailing list below to be in the loop about upcoming free workshops:

The Perpetually Prepared Programmer
Get the research-backed framework to permanently master programming interviews with 95% less effort.

Mock Programming Interviews

Schedule a one hour 1:1 mock programming interview with me, and I'll give you actionable feedback to help you ace your next interview:

Mock Interview - Alex Bowe


If you would like me to help with your project or business (see my specialties on the front page), schedule an intro call with me here:

Intro Call - Alex Bowe