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About Me

Hi! I'm Alex 👋

I'm a Software Engineer and Algorithm Researcher based in San Francisco. Here's my story so far:

NOTE: This is work in progress! It is published for testing purposes - expect it to be completed soon 😅

Research History

I completed my PhD in Computer Science from the National Institute of Informatics in Tokyo, where I introduced a seminal data structure which reduced de Bruijn graphs (a key structure in DNA analysis) from 300GB to 2GB of RAM, bringing it in-line with commodity hardware. This is widely used today, and was employed in the creation of the Covid vaccines.

My other research included introducing the first variable-order de Bruijn graph (which improved assembly accuracy by supporting efficient storage and traversal of a hypergraph), the first succinct colored de Bruijn graph (scaling genomics to huge population sizes), and implemented parallel functions on succinct trees on GPU (using CUDA). See my resume below for a complete list, or check my blog posts here.

During this time I also received a Knuth Reward Check, which despite being "one hexadecimal dollar" is worth more than my PhD.

Professional History

In 2017 I moved to San Francisco to join Cruise - a leader in self-driving cars - as one of the first 100 engineers, applying my algorithmic expertise to build out Cruise's core routing controls, aiding in early demos that led to over $2B in investment.

This early success afforded me the opportunity to apply my research abilities to...

  • At Cruise, I built a Python library that became a critical tool for hundreds of colleagues, and I played a key role in designing a system that enhances our fleet's response to city-wide events.
  • I hold several patents in autonomous vehicle technologies and have authored numerous influential research papers in the fields of Bioinformatics and Information Retrieval.
  • Knuth Reward Check
  • Blogging

What's Next?

I am currently considering my next steps.


Below is my resume - contact me if you want to build something cool together.


If my work resonates, let's get in touch! Email me at [email protected], or schedule a 30 minute call below (or here):